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[Piece Sale] Orange Green Sapphire Teardrop Beads

[Piece Sale] Orange Green Sapphire Teardrop Beads

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①Yellow ORG
<From Africa>
75 pieces (about 2.9 x 2 to 4.5 x 3 mm)
yellowish light orange
Light ORG
<From Africa>
58 pieces (approximately 3.1 x 2 to 3.8 x 2.6mm)
light orange
ORG sold-out
<From Africa>
52 pieces (approximately 3.3 x 2.1 to 4.2 x 2.5mm)
bright reddish orange
④Deep ORG sold-out
<made in Madagascar>
80 pieces (approximately 3.1 x 2.1 to 5.3 x 3.2mm)
bright reddish orange
Blue GRN sold-out
<made in Madagascar>
90 pieces (approximately 3.7 x 2.2 to 4.5 x 3.2 mm
Chic green with green mixed with blue
GRN sold-out
<made in Madagascar>
105 pieces (about 3.7 x 1.7 to 4.7 x 3mm)

Orange sapphire: with heat treatment / no impregnation Green sapphire: no heating / no impregnation

Individually hand-cut sapphire teardrops

A bright orange chic and refreshing green sapphire piece that looks great in the sunny season.

While all sapphires have vivid colors

A beautiful sapphire with very few inclusions.

Orange sapphires are heated to bring out their vibrant color.
Green sapphire is a cool and calm color unique to non-heating.

Not only as the leading role of summer accessories,
Beads with plenty of presence are recommended as an accent.


Due to the characteristics of natural stone, there may be cracks, inclusions, chips, etc., and the color, shape, and size may not be uniform.
Please consider the above after acknowledging.
I have posted a lot of photos that are as close to the real thing as possible,
Colors may look different depending on your monitor.

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