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Bi-Color Citrine Rough Tumble Drop Beads 1Strand

Bi-Color Citrine Rough Tumble Drop Beads 1Strand

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Bicolor Citrine Rough Tumble Drop

1 Strand (26 pieces)
Size: Approx. 11.8 x 5.3-15.5*8.6mm

Clear yellow and yellow-brown bicolor citrine

Citrine is attractive for its wild and dynamic natural beauty.
The rough tumble cut is a perfect match.

There are various variations in the ream, such as those with high transparency and those with a frosted feel,
Contains inclusions, cracks, and pieces with minor surface scratches.

However, I feel that the rainbow of cracks and unique inclusions are beautiful, and the sharp cutting is beautiful, which makes these beads attractive.

In order to ensure that there is no bias in the quality of any strand, the strands are dismantled and then reassembled.


The work example is not included in the item.
Due to the characteristics of natural stone, there may be cracks, inclusions, chips, etc., and the color, shape, and size may not be uniform.
Please consider the above after acknowledging.
I have posted a lot of photos that are as close to the real thing as possible,
Colors may look different depending on your monitor.

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