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Natural Blue Chalcedony Sail Shape

Natural Blue Chalcedony Sail Shape

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1 row (20 pieces)
Size: about 17 x 8.4 x 3.2mm

Asymmetrical beads with a beautiful Sail-like shape.
The flat shape is moderately thick and adds presence and a light impression.

The natural stone used is chalcedony.
Natural icy blue color that is not dyed.
Innocent blue with a sense of transparency.

Beautiful beads with delicate color transitions and patterns where white and blue are mixed in each grain.

At first glance, it looks orthodox, but the asymmetrical shape and beautiful cut combine to give it a stylish and dignified personality.

Perfect beads for sophisticated adult women, recommended.

* We have multiple stocks, and we are shooting a series of them.
We will select and deliver it here.

️ * Work examples are not included in the item.

*Because it is a natural color, each grain has a unique color and pattern.


The work example is not included in the item.
Due to the characteristics of natural stone, there may be cracks, inclusions, chips, etc., and the color, shape, and size may not be uniform.
Please consider the above after acknowledging.
I have posted a lot of photos that are as close to the real thing as possible,
Colors may look different depending on your monitor.

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